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Which motorbike tyres are ideal for wet conditions?

Motorbike tyres

Motorbike tyres are one type of motorbike parts that serve a very important role in any motorbike. The tyres are the outer cover of the wheel and are responsible for gripping the ground when the bike is moving. The tyre protects the inner rim from direct contact with the terrain by absorbing all the stumps and obstructions the bike travels on. The tyres can be two, three or four depending on the type of motorbike one is referring to. This is the part that directly affects gripping hence the reason as to why advancements have been made on the wheel tyres as compared to the past. The advancements on each wheel tyre determine its suitability. For wet conditions, one can choose the following tyres;

Michelin Pilot Road 4

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 tyre is gives outstanding performance especially in the rainy season. The tread patterns are well designed so as to maximally pump water away from the bike even the levels are a bit higher above the surface. The tyre consists of dual compound rubber for extra cushioning and enhanced pumping while still keeping a firm grip on the terrain when riding. Due to the dual rubber construction characteristic, the tyres are even used with heavier motorbikes and they still perform optimally. The tyres can also last for long as they are adapted to tough environmental conditions.

Bridgestone Exedra Max

This tyre is mostly used by the heavy and bigger motorbikes that even have a very high luggage limit capacity. The Bridgestone Exedra Max is described as one of the best performance heavy cruiser tyre that can be effective even in the wet conditions. Even when exposed to extreme weather conditions for a long time, the tyres can be very effective and durable as they are made with the best expertise to beat the conditions. The Exedra Max is also very reliable and efficient especially for long distance riders who will require a tough wheel tyre to guarantee performance all through the ride.

Michelin Power Rain

Even at just a single glance, any motorbike rider can tell that the Michelin Power Rain tyres are up to standard. This specific type of tyre is more adapted to the rain condition with well-designed grip layers to boost its performance. The tyre does not disappoint at all and has been approved by the MotoGp as absolute best riding tyres. It is important to carry this as your motorbike spares, they are an excellent choice especially for riders that live or ride in wet condition areas more often.

Pirelli Angel GT

The Pirelli Angel tyres have been approved to be used especially by sports bikes. The tyres consist of an outstanding thread pattern and majorly comprises of silica content. They are made with a lot of expertise not compromising on the riding conditions. The tyres are very effective in both the hot and wet conditions. The steel belting that is fixed longitudinally serves the prime purpose of ensuring the heat conditions are regulate when temperatures rise. The tyres can also be a choice to heavy weighing bike riders.

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