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What are the Most Sought-After Spare Parts for Motorbikes

Having all of your motorcycle parts working functionally and efficiently, is the best way to make sure it is at peak performance levels. However, over time, it is inevitable some pieces will need to be replaced or renewed. Replacing faulty parts at the right time will help restrict the spread of the problem area, therefore keeping the costs of repair down as well. Motorcycle accessories UK provide a full and complete catalogue of items you might need.

Below are some of the most common faulty parts and most sought-after spare parts for motorbikes.

Spark Plugs

Essential to start your engine, spark plugs are responsible for delivering an electric current that ignites the air and fuel mixture putting the combustion engine into motion. It is estimated spark plugs on motorbikes need replacing every 10,000 miles. Warning signs of a faulty spark plug include poor fuel economy, excess emissions, stalling, and a lack of power and rough idle.


Good tires improve the safety and performance of your motorbike by providing grip to the road’s surface. A rider should check their tires pressure and tread regularly. They should look for worn-out treads, cuts, cracks, and holes before riding. If a tire’s tread falls below 2 millimetres, it is time you bought a new one. Damage to tires can happen because of incorrect pressure levels, harsh braking or cornering, hitting potholes or riding on rough surfaces.

Brake Pads

Brake pads squeeze down on the brake discs to reduce your travelling speed, over time they will wear down because of their constant use. These pads are vital to your road safety and should be checked regularly. If they are less than 2 millimetres thick, they should be replaced quickly, as driving on ineffective pads can damage other parts of your vehicle.


A battery has five main functions; starting, lighting, ignition, charging and systems support. Your batteries connections and electrolyte levels should be regularly checked to make sure it is functioning at its optimum rate. The battery is a crucially important piece of your bike, but it is also replaceable and can last for as little as two years. If starting your bike becomes more difficult than usual, your battery could be at fault.

Belt, Shaft and Chain Drive

The belt, shaft and chain drives are durable bike parts, they drive forward the rear wheel of the bike. They resist pressure and wear well, however; they are predicted to have a lifespan between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. A signal of drive problems could be unusual vibrations or noises. To maintain your bike chain it should be kept well lubricated and at the right tension level. Similarly, a shaft drive should be oiled as instructed in your vehicle manual. A damaged belt drive might have cracks and chunks missing, if this is the case, it is time to change it.
Click here to find more information about the different types of bike drives.

These are just some of the items you may have to replace on your bike. Motorcycle accessories UK have lots of options, Visit Fowlers for these and many more motorcycle parts you might need.

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