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Getting a cool bike, the Electric fat bike

An electric fat bike is a type of bike with thick tires equiped with an electric motor. Due to the fact that the tire is increased, there are no problems when driving on a snowy surface or dirt. We can say with accuracy that this is an SUV in the bicycle industry.

Features of electric fat bike

The secret of such a bicycle is in tires. They reach a width of 4-8 inches. And due to the low pressure in them, grip improves. It turns out such an effect of flying above the surface. And if you increase the pressure in the tires, you can use the electric fat bike like a normal mountain bike. But, all the same, impassability is its true calling.

Why do you need an electric fat bike?

Ideal conditions for cycling are not everywhere. Snow, rain and lack of road make it difficult to use a regular bike. But for a fat bike there are not many problems associated with the road surface. This product was invented in Alaska by Mark Grunwald. Alaska has a very harsh climate, and the bike season is short. Therefore, we needed a bike that you can ride all year round. So the fat bike was invented.

Benefits of electric fat bike:

-It is convenient to move on any surface: snow, mud, sand dunes, ice. Of course, it is also suitable for ordinary asphalt. An electric fat bike can be used at any time of the year.

-Managing an electric fat bike is easy enough. The complexity of riding on it is comparable to a regular bike. The advantage is that riding on it trains all muscle groups. Therefore, with regular driving, you can improve your health.

-The electric fat bike is adapted for people of any age. Management can be entrusted to both teenagers and retirees.

-The most soft and comfortable ride on an absolutely diverse and unpredictable surface.

-A good opportunity to experience new sensations and emotions while moving. For example, off-road trips or snow-covered fields.

-Handles obstacles much better than a regular bike.

-The catchy appearance of the electric bike due to tires.

The main thing in a fat bike is not even wide tires, but low tire pressure. Due to this, they are more difficult to pierce. Tires can sometimes reach 5.5 inches and have wide rims from 65 mm to 100 mm. These characteristics allow to keep pressure in the inner tubes from 0.5 to 2 atmospheric units.

Who is suitable for an electric fat bike?

This model of electric bikes guarantees first of all safety and comfort on the road. Moreover, this will not depend on the season and surface quality. Manufacturers of such electric fatbikes guarantee quality and reliability in any situation.

Does an electric bike have to cost a lot?

The price of an electric bike depends on the manufacturer and the materials used for its production. A bicycle model can cost from 450 euros. With a higher budget you can purchase a high-quality electric fatbike with a beautiful design. Electric fat bikes are much cheaper than a car and only slightly more expensive than any average good electric bike. In addition, do not forget about additional equipment for a more comfortable trip. For example, a helmet, a flashlight, a reliable anti-theft lock and other related accessories.

The electric fat bike is the ideal choice for lovers of extreme riding and long trips.

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