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Why You Need a High Quality Pair of Goggles for Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling can be an extensively exciting sport to participate in, there is simply something about conquering slippery ice and packed snow that gets the adrenaline pumping. However, it has risks, and being safe should be the number one concern for any snowmobiler to ensure they have a smooth experience when they’re riding in intense weather conditions. One prime piece of snowmobiling gear that is essential for safety, are goggles, as they guarantee you will maintain perceptive eyesight and protect your eyes from debris. Without them, experienced riders and newcomers alike wouldn’t be able to control their vehicles correctly and would risk devastating injury whenever they decide to ride on their snowmobile. 

Goggles are nothing new in this world, they aren’t only used in snowmobiling, but also in work and travel scenarios. One of the first known goggles, which were used to protect the eyes from snow and debris, were the Inuit’s snow goggles that were crafted to only let in small amounts of sunlight and completely protect the eyes. Of course, technology has come along way, and now snow goggles offer great visibility and protection, which are primarily used in activities like ski-ing, snowmobiling and other activities in the bitter cold (Which is another benefit of owning a good pair of snowmobiling goggles, they can be used in tons of situations). One great example of modern snowmobiling goggles are something like 509 goggles, which are specifically crafted for their visibility and protection against the snow and dangerous rocks and other debris that could cause damage to the eyes. 

Now, to get more in the risks of snowmobiling and why goggles are a necessity in this exciting Motorsport. Top of the market snowmobiles used for racing can reach speeds of 200 MPH, meaning that any debris that may be hit and fly into you could reach similar speeds where they could easily injure you without protection; A quick note though, snowmobiles that aren’t used for racing but are still considered high-end models, can only reach speeds of 150 MPH, however that is still incredibly fast and it is strongly recommended to keep your eyes protected. There is also the issue of visibility, without goggles driving a snowmobile at a high-speed could be incredibly dangerous and some users may feel limited to low speeds; To put it simply, if your eyes were covered in snow, it would be impossible to correctly find obstacles that could cause a crash. Snowmobile fatalities and injuries are significantly high compared to other motor vehicles, so safety is absolutely key and having a high quality pair of goggles to protect your eyes and ensure visibility is necessary. 

There is simply an insane amount of risk in driving a snowmobile without goggles and other adequate protection. Visibility can easily be limited and injury is a high risk without them involved. The appropriate gear is a must-have unless if you want to risk your life, so please properly protect your self and ensure your friends and family do so as well, as it will certify you can snowmobile for years to come.