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What we remember from this OBDII car diagnosis?

The brand OBDII car diagnosis thus offers the ideal ally to carry out at any time a quick and easy diagnosis of the state of its vehicle. It is compatible with 12V cars and trucks, unmodified and running on gasoline or diesel. It should be noted, however, that the dedicated application may pay off.

What is an OBDII car diagnostic case?

The auto diagnostic case designates a mechanical device that allows any car user to detect the source of the fault that is blocking the operation of his car. Also known as a fault code reader, this highly technological device is used by both individuals and mechanical professionals. They use it to quickly identify the failures they face in order to know exactly where to start repairs. Generally, each car brand has its diagnostic bag. This is then called multi brand OBDII car diagnosis when it can be used to detect breakdowns on different makes of vehicles. In addition, the multi-brand diagnostic case can detect faults even before they occur.

How does the multi-brand OBDII car diagnostic case work?

The operating principle of this mechanical tool is simple. It usually has a screen much like a car GPS, some keys and a cable. To diagnose a car, this cable is inserted into the connector of the car. Thanks to the user manual of each car, it is possible to locate the exact location of this connector, as it can change from one car brand to another. Once the diagnostic case is connected to the car, data is collected on the sensors of the car. They are then analyzed and displayed on the screen.

What types of faults can be detected by the OBDII car diagnostic bag?

The multi-brand auto diagnostic case plays two fundamental roles, namely: detecting future failures and detecting the origin of faults that have already occurred. Depending on the model used, this tool allows you to:

  • Check the operating status of the brake system components;
  • Control the lighting system of the car;
  • Check the condition of the vehicle’s system of connection to the ground;
  • Make sure that the engine is working properly.
  • From the good charge of the battery
  • Our opinion on multi-brand diagnostic cases

The multi-brand OBDII car diagnosis is useful in many ways. At first, it allows mechanical professionals to diagnose the different brands of cars of their customers. This asset saves them from having to buy a suitcase for each car brand. In a second step, the multi-brand car suitcase is particularly useful for families. Indeed, a single multi brand suitcase can be used by all members of the family who have most of the time vehicles of different brands.

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