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Want to Book a car for next family vacation? Know the facts

You are very busy to arrange everything for your next family vacation. Everything is ready but you just remember that the car is not booked yet. This should not be happen because booking car is one of the most important parts of vacation planning. You must go through these facts before booking a car.

1. Compare the Renting price

Having a good deal while renting a car is more like shopping for a brand new car. Every dealer does not impose the same price. Some of them offer car in lower price than others. Even some of them have different incentive to new and old client. The same thing happens while renting a car.

You should compare the different deal with deferent car rental services and select the best deal for you. For this comparison the best place is internet searching. You can see a lot of car renting services offer you better deal.

2. Avoid the Airport Location

It is convenient to book a car near the Airport. But if you look at the extra fees, you probably would not want to book it near Airport. And these fees often disguised as “customer facility charges”, “recovery charger” and so on. So the best idea is rent a car at the hotel. Many hotels give the transportation from the Airport. Car Rental Express offers you cheap car rental New York. You book your car at the best price and have a comfortable travel experience.

3.  Be careful of Hidden Fees

Many car renters face a problem in terms of extra charges for refueling. If you return the car having less fuel than it was at the time of taking the car, an extra amount is imposed on you. To avoid this you had to take the note of fuel gauge at the time of picking up. You can also purchase a full tank fuel at the picking up from the car renting company. Make sure the fuel price they charge matches the price at gas station. If fuel price of renting company does not match the price of gas station, you purchase the fuel direct from nearest gas station.

The hidden fees may be charged in many ways like your age, require documents and other things. Beware you are well prepared when leaving home to car renting company.

4. Rules of hiring Car in Abroad

Renting a car in foreign country may sound a little hard, but believe me it is very similar in United States for the citizen as well as the foreigners. You need to make simple query if any car renting company available in the destination Airport. Ask them if you will have to show International Driving Permit (IDP). Most of the English speaking countries do not need any IDP.

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