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Every motorbike lover knows about Vespa. It is considered one the most favorite bike brand among bike lovers. It has a unique style that attracts not only male but females also.

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There are many designs that Vespa offers. You can choose any design according to your choice and budget.


This design is a mixture of both modern technology and historical models. That gives this design a unique and noticeable kick. Both of these things combine to give your bike a super unique flavor and it will surely stand out in a crowd of bikes.

This design was created from borrowing the hints from 1985 T5 pole Position Element, 1965 Vespa 180 and GS 150,1955. Combination of these three designs is what makes this model unique and stylish. The front fender of this bike is high and have a single arm, dual chamber shock.

Basic Features

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This bike has four strokes, single cylinder and has SOHC 4valve. It has electric ignition and starting that also gives this bike a kick. It has a liquid cooling system. When talking about clutch it has an automatic clutch with dry centrifuge damper buffers.

This bike does not have a conventional frame. It has a covering of metal sheet. This bike’s monologue system relies on the body panels that are made from metal sheet and also on steel reinforces that is used to give support to the body structure of the bike.

The cast rims are at 12 inches on the small side that suits well with this scooter type. Its front and rear have hoops like 120/70 and 130/70 respectively.


Bearing structure:        It has sheet metal welded reinforcements.

Front suspension:         this bike is consisted of Single arm suspension and also has the feature of bearing hydraulic shock.

Rear suspension:    For rear suspension it has double hydraulic shock resistance. This bike also comes with adjustable settings.

 Front Brake:     It has Stainless steel hydraulically operated 220 mm disc

Rear Brake:      Same as front brake it has stainless 220 mm Hydraulically operated steel disc – ABS

Front tire:         Tubeless 120/70 – 12”

Rear tire:          Tubeless 130/70 – 12″

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