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Shell Lubricants

A lubricant is an organic hydrocarbon that is applicable to all kinds of engines and machines to reduce friction between the parts that slide side by side when functioning as a whole. The reasons behind using these products are the smoothness of sliding contact, eradicating the heat produced due to friction and texture assembling.

Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries, by applauding its products with world-class technological insights and the best formulations for your vehicle. Their modern online web portal provides information about each and every happening in Shell Corporation starting from shell fuels and engine oils to station locators, loyalty cards, and sports based contacts of Shell, tips, and advice for vehicles and Shell application for mobile. A move which is compelling and one of the best is their Right Oil Finder availability and Station Locator, providing service across the globe, has always proved to increase organic traffic towards their web portal. One could easily search out their filling stations in the nearby area with just some clicks.

Motor vehicles

Talking about the serving industries and motor vehicles, Shell is serving each and every type of pair of wheels ranging from motorcycles and bikes to cars, light-duty engines, and heavy-duty engines. When it comes to motorbikes, there is a range of products named Shell Advance with PurePlus technology. Talking about light duty and heavy duty engines, Shell has introduced Shell Rimula Light duty Range and Shell Rimula Heavy Duty Range which protects the engines in urban driving conditions and on the smooth long run, together with lower maintenance guarantee.

Apart from automotive scenarios, Shell Lubricants is serving the industrial sector with greater intent of serving well and viciously together with 100% customer satisfaction level. Shell is using its expertise in high-quality lubricants provision and creating sustainable value for its customers. Talking about industrial sector, Shell is serving with its diehard efforts to areas like Agriculture and Farming, General Manufacturing industry with its boosting business and cost-effective plans, Transport and Fleets with the intentions of improving fuel economy, Construction industry by improving the lifespan of machinery, Mining and Quarrying with the intentions of increasing ODIs and reducing equipment downtime, and last but not the least, Power Sector with the intentions of getting the most out of the machinery and improved lifespan.

Shell LubeChat tool

Another enthusiastic service provided by Shell Lubricants through their web portal is Shell LubeChat tool which is a greater initiative for putting the huge range of Shell knowledge at your fingertips, with 24/7 online chat availability, and getting the answers on Oils and Lubes questions, and enabling you to make faster, smarter, and better-informed decisions that can play its role by bringing down the total cost of ownership. This feature is also applauded with Shell LubeVideoCheck, Shell LubeCoach, and Shell LubeAdvisor.

Shell Lubricant’s web portal also talks about Global Energy Resources Database. Which distinguishes availability of oil resources in different countries and continents across the globe. It also emphasizes renewable energy resources availability and their use across the globe. One could easily rely on Shell lubricants and oils, irrespective of the needs, uses and industries concerned. Shell is available everywhere and serving every significant sector with valuable products.

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