Private Airport Transfers and the Benefits

Flying in an aeroplane, whether on business or for pleasure, can be a stressful and expensive affair, so it makes sense to start your journey off or end it in the best way possible. Here are some top reasons why choosing a private airport transfer could be the wisest option to take for your travels.

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Reduced Stress

Holidays should be about relaxing and having fun, but they can be sources of stress for some people. According to the Telegraph, a survey revealed that 65% of parents claim holidays are more stressful than being at work. To reduce stress before your holiday has begun, booking a private transfer to the airport can keep frazzled nerves in check before you actually arrive at check-in.

Cheaper Than Airport Parking

Many travellers decide to take their own vehicle to the airport and park it in the allocated airport parking facilities. Whilst this may be a convenient option, it can also work out to be quite costly. According to the Daily Mail, seven out of the then most expensive airport car parks in the world are in Britain. At London City Airport, for instance, airport parking costs on average around £135 per week, which could work out more expensive than the cost of your flight. Choosing a private airport transfer instead provides you with the same convenience of getting to the airport without the exorbitant costs that can be associated with airport parking. If you travel during low season or off-peak periods, you might also be even to get great deals on private transfers, which can save you even more money.


Travelling to and from the airport by a private transfer can provide a great deal of flexibility to suit your travel arrangements and size of party. No matter what time your take off or land, you can book a transfer to suit your requirements. If you are travelling as a couple, family or a group of friends, transfer services who offer airport transfers, will usually have a fleet of vehicles that can meet your needs, whatever the time of day or night.

They can offer this service due to the Vehicle Tracking technology that is provided.  This allows them to track the performance of the cars on the road and the location of each vehicle for the safety of the driver. If you have a fleet of vehicles that would benefit from this technology look at sites like


You might get a cheaper deal by travelling to the airport by public transport, but you will have to contend with the risk of its not turning up on time and services being cancelled, as well as having to lug your luggage on and off vehicles. If your flight is very early in the morning or arrives back late at night, your public transport options may be limited.

Travelling by public transport will also usually involve adding extra time on to your journey, which may be the last thing you really want if you have to endure a long flight. Using a private transfer allows you to start your holiday off in style, and if there are a few of you travelling together, the shared costs could actually make the price comparable to the cost of using public transport anyway – without any of the stresses involved.

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