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Premium Lubricants

Being a premium is a desire of many, using a premium is a fiesta for many. The same is the case with lubricants and motor oils. People love to use premium lubricants that are high in quality, expert in performance and heavy-duty even in hot and cold conditions and different driving scenarios. Premium lubricants are quality based, efficient and customer-oriented motor oils or lubricants that not just gives a defensive oil film layer, shields from mileage, yet additionally intended to scatter ash, kill ooze, and gives the arrangement to help increase vehicle’s life and ensure it at length. Premium lubricants are extraordinarily made for rock-solid engines that require backup and protection everywhere and at greatest with uncompromising serving while performing in difficult circumstances.

Reviews and suggestions

Nowadays, lubricant manufacturers are more concerned about customer reviews and suggestions. Therefore, they are eyeing on research and groundwork to make their manufactured inventory up to the mark. Nowadays, lubricants are far more reliable, viscous, high-quality performers, standards keeping and maintaining quality ad viscosity in intensely hot and cold weather conditions as well as during stressful driving conditions. Let’s have a look at a renowned brand of premium lubricants and their inventory to serve different circumstances at large. REPSOL International comes up with a long-range of motor oils formulated for cars requiring quality levels recommended by international organizations such as ACEA for European cars and API for American vehicles.


REPSOL international has introduced Repsol Premium Tech 5W-30 and Repsol Premium Tech 5W-40, Synthetic lubricants for the petrol and light diesel engines of most car manufacturers. More optimistic products include Repsol Premium GTI/TDI 10W-40, a Multi-grade lubricant oil that combines synthetic components with very high-quality minerals for use in cars and light commercial vehicle engines, Repsol Premium GTI/TDI 15W-40 High-quality multi-grade lubricant oil for use in cars and light commercial vehicle engines, and Repsol Premium Tech R C4 5W-30 synthetic lubricant specially recommended in vehicles with particle filters and exhaust fume treatment.

Repsol Chemicals and lubricant products are used extensively to manufacture and run smoothly, everyday commodities that improve living standards of people, well-being, and safety, and that can be found in almost all industry segments. At Repsol, they craft and market a wide variety of products, from basic petrochemicals to derivatives. At Repsol, they are not only serving the automotive industry, but also agriculture, well-being, and consumer products, building and infrastructures, packaging, healthcare, and household products. Premium services are offered in every aspect of life and premium lubricants are provided for different uses and structures.

Some other brands for premium lubricants with more fame and reliability are Chevron Lubricants, Shell Lubricants, Total Lubricants, Caltex Lubricants and way more to come on the list. All of them are serving with their expertise to make lives on Earth easy and fast-moving with smoothness and guaranteed comfort.

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