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Miami Limo Service for Professionals: How to Make the Right Choice?

For many companies, acquiring and maintaining a fleet of vehicles generates significant costs. In this context, the car rental for professionals is emerging as an advantageous alternative. Several solutions exist.

The advantages of renting professional vehicles

Whether for the movement of salespeople or the transportation of goods, it is possible to rent a car to reduce the costs associated with the purchase of several company vehicles. Indeed, the constitution and management of an automobile fleet represent a budget that few companies have. Beyond the price of the vehicle, it is also necessary to take into account that of insurance and any repairs. Maintenance and technical control are also the responsibility of professionals. Any company wishing to own one or more company cars must also pay the company vehicle tax. This is correlated to the CO2 emissions generated.

The different types of professional vehicles

Miami limo service has many models of vehicles available to professionals, from all categories. From the utility to the van, via the customizable commercial car or the hatchback truck, the choice is vast. On the other hand, the formulas have been enriched with practical options, including maintenance and cleaning of the rented vehicle. Thus, the company frees itself from numerous recurring and time-consuming tasks, while having the guarantee of strengthening the safety of its employees and its brand image.

Increasingly flexible formulas

For one-off needs, such as moving premises, one-time rental is sufficient. The Miami limo service is ideal for professionals who use their car or just traveling a few kilometers each year. In this specific case, it is much more advantageous to have a vehicle, while benefiting from rates adjusted according to the frequency of trips (by mileage). Finally, Miami limo service is another formula that allows companies that wish to rent one or more vehicles with a purchase option. In all cases, the monthly payment system allows the company to maintain control over its cash flow while limiting the immediate impact on its capital. The subsequent resale of the vehicles allows



The management of the vehicle fleet is often the responsibility of the manager himself. Buying a vehicle means that you spend time choosing it, buying it, maintaining it and, above all, reselling it. A road accident? Your employees should take care of the ensuing red tape and dealings with the dealer and the insurer, rather than focusing on their activities. A job that relieves you of a vehicle rental company. Not to mention that it provides you with recent, well-maintained cars. This statistically reduces the risk of accidents and promotes respect for the environment.

The great advantage of a long-term rental is that it offers a whole range of services in the contract which cannot be accessed otherwise.

The service generally includes maintenance and assistance. The company can also buy, optionally, the change of tires, the provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown, the fuel card, insurance, management of tolls, fines, training in l eco-driving, etc. Please note: some services are superfluous for the consumption of fewer than 20,000 kilometers per year. In general, the more your vehicles drive, the more financially attractive the long-term rental (LLD) becomes. Beware, too, of packaged offers including rent and any associated services, some of which are luxury.


No more (bad) surprises: the rental allows the company to budget its expenses precisely. You pay a fixed rent, including the rental of the vehicle (s), their maintenance and any other services that you may have purchased.

In addition, most rental companies provide their customers with secure web platforms that provide them with monthly reporting, with the list of anomalies identified on each vehicle or maintenance operations to be carried out … These data appear in tables on-board summaries of the number of kilometers traveled, maintenance appointments, accident frequency, everyone’s fuel consumption, etc. Often accessible via the lessor’s website, the reporting tools make it possible to precisely control a cost, which is not the case with mileage compensation, which consists of paying employees for the professional use of their personal vehicle.

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