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Exclusive: Bradford Customized Car Guru Repairs Car of Celebrities Such as Boxer Amir Khan

Enkahnz provides customized cars for everyone across the globe, they are not only specialists in accident car repairs and servicing, but in fact they can also offer a wide range of customization of car services to  superstars, international musicians, and athletes. Amir Khan is one of the famous boxer who has used their services recently and he is been considered as one of the company elite client. Just like him many other celebrities in Bradford get to use Enkahnz in customizing their cars with the reputable company.. Their customization services include the following  such as:

  • Body kits
  • Colors coding
  • Custom paints


Naveed Khan is the founder of Enkahnz. The company can prepare any type of body kits for supercars. Their skilled in house body work technicians    possess vast  years of experience  in dealing with different brands of body kits. They are supplying a huge range of body kits for different superstars vehicles overtime known to be the   Range Rover Sport & Vogue, Porsche, BMW and many more. All body kits from Enkahnz are expertly finished in their  best temperature controlled oven.

Colour Coding

A team of expert technicians can take different plastic body parts of celebrities vehicle and paint them to whatever color they choose. These parts can be:

  • Wing mirrors
  • Bumpers
  • Side skirts
  • Front grilles
  • Air intakes
  • Interior trims and moldings

The above features can be one of the less costly ways to enhance the look of a  car, even something as simple as color coding can make quite a big impact on the overall look of the vehicle.

Custom Paints

Enkahnz Bradford facilitate  to create the custom paint colors and carry out a complete car respray. They have various types of paint finishes which can create something truly unique for the cars of Celebrities . Their experts can even mix the custom colors to provide the vehicle with pearlescent and metallic finishes.

The Enkahnz team is the leading car customizer in the UK and has a list of celebrity clients. They offer a unique modification service that no other car customization company can give all over the world.

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