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Cross Country Vehicle Shipping

Many people want to ship cars to all over the world from the United States. Lakewood Washington Auto Transport may seem complicated, but it can be simple with the right company. Whether you buy a car in the United States and bring it back to any country or move with your car to live there, Smart Auto Move can complete your transport.

How to Transport a Car from USA

The procedure to transport a car from the United States can be broken down in a few steps to make it easier to understand. Follow our guide below to learn how to ship a car today.

  • Overview of the car shipment
  • Get the price to ship
  • Expedition the car of the United States
  • Import the car in any country
  • Get the United States Car Import Price

The price for shipping a car from the United States is customized for each shipment. Indeed, different factors affect the overall cost. Some details such as the city of origin or the model of the vehicle affect the price and differ from person to person. For this reason, we create individual quotes for each shipment.

To get the price of shipping a car from the United States, please fill out our online quote form or contact one of our representatives today.

Expedition of a United States Car

Once your quote is accepted, we can begin the export process of the vehicle. We can pick up the vehicle at its location. If not, you can bring it to one of our American warehouses. Your car will be shipped as soon as we have all the documents and the container is ready. When your car leaves the port, you will receive a bill of lading and a departure notification.

Importation of United States Cars in any country

When your car arrives in your country, it will enter the import process. When you import an American car, it goes first to customs clearance. Then he will be brought to a warehouse and offload. We can then transport the car to your home or pick it up at the warehouse. With this in your possession, you have finished importing an American car.

Car Shipping in the United States

Smart Auto Move carries more than 10,000 vehicles a year Cars, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles. if it has wheels, we can carry. It all starts with our personalized loading support taking into account the budget, the address and the general conditions required. At the arrival of the vehicles in one of our 5 American warehouses, a receipt is created and photographs of the vehicle are taken. The photos are then sent to the customer.

Our Car Expedition Services Include:

  • Export / import of vehicles between the United States and any other country
  • Door-to-door service
  • Domestic transport to and from ports
  • Different types of ocean services
  • Insurance on the seas

In short, we transport vehicles in closed container or roll on-roll off as well as in air service. We make sure that the vehicle is in good hands and handles with the utmost attention.

Lakewood Washington Auto Transport

Our teams at the warehouse are professionally trained and our equipment is state of the art. Our attention to detail is what has kept us in the business for many years.


Our safety statistics for the delivery and shipment of cargo have exceeded all industry standards.

So, if you want to ship a car, boat, household goods or any other general cargo, you’ll be comfortable knowing that our shipping company will take care of all aspects of your relocation needs.

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