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Cars and Cosmetics

Nothing is quite like a beautiful car — and few things are as embarrassing as driving a dinged-up or dirty vehicle. You deserve to be proud of your car, so invest in the cosmetic services and maintenance that will keep it looking showroom-new. The right choices can give you a car you can be proud of — and can be great for your long-term finances, too.


Few car cosmetic issues are as unsightly as overspray. Overspray, as the name implies, is any sprayed-on material that is unwelcome. It can mean paint that was accidentally sprayed on an area that it shouldn’t be, for instance. Another common form of overspray is excess clear coat, which can appear as a bumpy bubblelike texture on your car.

Smoothing things out is as simple as visiting experts in paint overspray removal and getting the excess stuff off of your car. This simple decision can drastically improve the look of your vehicle.

Dents and scratches

Dents and scratches are unsightly, and they can lead to long-term issues that can destroy the value of your car. The best time to fix a dent or a scratch is as soon as you notice it, so don’t delay: Head to an auto body shop and get things fixed.

Fortunately, dents and scratches are usually quick fixes. Modern auto body pros can use specialized tools to pop dents out of existence and make them look like they were never there. Scratches can be filled in or painted over. In the future, you should protect your car’s paint with wax — which brings us to our next section.

Dirt and grime

Nothing looks worse than a dirty car. A beat-up old car can still be loved and cared for, but even the fanciest car will send the wrong message if it’s caked in grime. You’ll look like a careless car owner and a slob.

So make sure that you get your car cleaned often. Most experts recommend hitting the car wash at least once every two weeks, but you may want to stop by more often if the weather is gross and your ride is getting hit with a lot of dust, mud, snow, or road salt.

Get your car detailed regularly, too. Detailers offer more in-depth cleaning services than a regular car wash does, and they can handle tougher jobs such as headlight restoration, too. Detailers typically finish things off with a fresh wax, which will protect your car’s paint.

The long-term benefits of a great-looking car

Correcting, perfecting, and maintenance your vehicle’s appearance will leave you with a beautiful vehicle that you’re proud to drive around. It’s always nice to have a great-looking car, and you want to feel great when you pull up to work, a date, or to pick up your child from school.

All of this is great, but it’s not the only reason to invest in your car’s appearance. Your car’s good looks are much more than a shallow aesthetic concern. In many cases, the same things that make your car look great are things that will help your car preserve its value.

Fixing dents and scratches will take away things that are easy for rust to attack, and rust can be devastating to your vehicle. Cleaning your car regularly is a good way to ward off rust, too. And regular detailing and waxing will better protect your vehicle against contaminants and other threats.

All of these steps will help your vehicle last longer, perform better, and better hold its value for a potential resale or trade-in. So the next time you find yourself thinking about how to get a better-looking car, remember: Your car’s cosmetics can be a financially sound thing to invest in.

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