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Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee: A Class with Security

Armored jeep grand Cherokee is the vehicle known for high class, luxury, modern technology and of course, last but absolutely not the least, security. Your life is important than any other thing. S it means that safety always comes first. This formula is applicable even when you are desiring to buy a new vehicle.

If your pockets are hot enough to buy an armored jeep, then why not keep yourself much secured when you are on the roads. You should definitely add this great luxury and facility in your life. This classy SUV comes with its authentic and original features and characteristics.

This can be an ultimate best choice even for the off roaders. Having this vehicle means that you can fearlessly, safely and confidently go for off roading as it comes with uncompromising safety features. This bulletproof SUV is not only known for the security it provides but it has managed to keep up its standard of comfort too.

This 4X4 comes with solid 6.4L V8 engine which is efficient enough to give the vehicle required power when it is off the roads. The added advantage with this is the fuel consumption of this jeep. It is amongst the few economical jeeps so far. Moreover, it also has some more amazing and latest features which any technology obsessed person would love.

Those features include dual climate control system, keyless car entry, push start engine, latest infotainment system that comes with high quality stereo speakers, Bluetooth, 5-inche touch screen, SD card slot and USB port. It means that this vehicle has everything that is the need in this modern age.

When this jeep is customized for the sake of making it armored, then it becomes as amazing as cherry on the cake. Usually the armors are installed behind the body panels of the jeep. This is done to ensure that the factory finished is not ruined. Once the armors are installed then the pillars are reinforced bac nicely from top to bottom.

For more details about the safety features that are found in this jeep, you shall check out the following points.

  1. The passenger compartment is fully secured.
  2. The electronic control module and batteries are fully protected.
  3. Suspension is reinforced.
  4. Bullet proof glass that comes with multi-layer to provide maximum safety.
  5. Majority of the devices are run flat.

If you want added security, then you can even go for that. You can get some extra tailpipe refection, retainers for the doors that will play vital role during traveling and one very amazing features of operable windows that are found at the front side.

Those who own this jeep or know much about it, they will definitely admit it to be the masterpiece of the off roaders and of course the best and most secured mid-sized armored SUV.

Do you think that with so many amazing safety and comfort features, you really afford to this out?

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