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What happens when a car is scrapped?

Cars can only be returned to approved, certified collection points and dismantling companies or to the relevant automobile manufacturer. The environmentally friendly disposal of individual liquids and components as well as the recycling of the car are also regulated in this Germany-wide regulation.

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We pick up your vehicle directly from your home with one of our car transporters and transport it to our junkyard. Once there, the car is properly drained at our modern disposal stand. This process is defined by the provisions in the End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance and the specifications of the automobile manufacturers and is the same in every certified company.

First of all, it is important to properly dispose of all parts and materials that are flammable, explosive or harmful to the environment. This includes removing the battery and the liquid gas tank as well as all pyrotechnic components and disposing of them or rendering them harmless. We also dispose of all liquids such as gasoline / diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, brake fluid and coolant, as well as oils such as engine oil, gear oil, etc., in accordance with regulations . Sometimes components such as the engine or alternator can be recycled for other purposes. 

After professional drainage, it is safe to scrap the vehicle mechanically. First it is pressed into a cube for better storage and transport. We take these packages to a shredding facility where they are shredded. The resulting small parts can be sorted and processed. The main components of car wrecks are steel and iron, which are often used in steel-producing companies. The industry also processes other components such as rubber, plastic, glass or small cables.

In this way, the entire car is broken down into its individual components and either disposed of or used again. That is why one speaks of Auto verschrotten when it comes to car recycling.

Which documents are necessary for scrapping?

When we pick up your car for scrapping, you should have your car keys, vehicle registration document and vehicle registration ready. It is particularly important to us to take a look at the vehicle registration document. It serves as proof that you are actually the owner of the car.

If you can no longer find the vehicle registration document, you can have it issued to you again by the relevant registration authority. However, this is time-consuming and costly, as an affidavit about the loss of the vehicle registration document is required.

Don’t forget to unscrew the license plates as you will need them to de-register the vehicle!

What is a certificate of destruction?

If your car is scrapped, you should de-register it with the registration authority. If you do not do this, road tax and insurance are still due. In order to prove that you have properly disposed of the car in accordance with the AltfahrzeugV at an approved specialist company, we will issue you with a certificate of destruction.

With this certificate of destruction, vehicle registration document, vehicle registration document, identity card and the license plates (to make them invalid) you go to the registration authority and complete all the formalities for de-registering your car. The authority also forwards the deregistration to the tax office and to your vehicle insurance company.

If you don’t have time to de-register your car, we will be happy to take over this service for you. Just talk to us about it!

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