The History of Isuzu and details of their most recent recalls

“Fifty Bells” may not sound like a name that most of us would recognize, nevertheless that’s what the name Isuzu which almost everybody is familiar with means. The Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Tokyo is among the giants of the automobile sector that is world renowned for their quality and standards that are benchmarked by even European counterparts. The company has managed to establish a series of alliance with foreign factions such as with the Turkish company Anodolu (Anadolu Isuzu), the Russian Sollers (Sollers Isuze) and even an Indian company Swaraj Mazda and the Chinese counterpart Jiangxi Isuzu Motors. The company’s assembly and manufacturing plants that were established in Fujisawa are still standing and operational and produces commercial vehicles with its primary focus on diesel engine powered truck, construction vehicles and busses. A report released by Isuzu in 2009 indicated that the company had successfully produced more than 21 million diesel engines for a wide range of vehicles that can be found in almost every country there is. The diesel engines produced by Isuzu are in fact used by other vehicle manufacturers and General Motors is one of them. 

Brief History of Isuzu Motors Ltd

ISUZU Motors Limited was in essence founded in 1916 and is considered a historic company due to the fact that has more than a century of history under its belt filled with multiple breakthroughs, a range of innovations and benchmarks that is unique and creative. The company is the largest producer of commercial vehicles of all classes (light, medium and heavy) across the globe. The company holds dearly to its corporate mission which is to “a leader in transportation, commercial vehicles and diesel engines, supporting our customers and respecting the environment” and has successfully fulfilled the market demands enabled by their product development component. Apart from that the Company is also acknowledged as the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the world as mentioned above. Among the more prominent achievements attributed to Isuzu includes the development of the first air-cooled automotive diesel engine almost a century ago in 1936 apart from being a pioneer in direct-injection systems and turbochargers. 

Isuzu Recalls Isuzu Australia issued a voluntary pre-emptive recall due to issues with the suspension component of the 2018-2019 D-Max crew cabs that were sold between January 2018 and the 28th of February this year. According to the recall statement, there were fractures in the suspension springs that could cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle which could potentially result in accidents and cause serious injury to the occupants of the vehicle and as well as other road users. The company’s after sale component spring into action swiftly as soon as the defect was discovered which according to the report might also include the housing and assembly of the hand brake cable. In total 2323 vehicles were recalled. Owners should return their vehicles direct to the dealership where they will receive free repair and should not try to fix the problem themselves using the Isuzu workshop manual. Isuzu is just one among the dozens of major automotive manufacturers who recalled cars that were already on the road. For further information on the recalls by Isuzu visit in the event that you are unsure about your vehicle.

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