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TATA HARRIER – The Gamechanger in SUVs

TATA has always believed in changing the game entirely and bring in healthy competition, this time too, nothing has changed in their practice. 2019, is yet to come, but the speculation market about TATA HARRIER under the flagship of TATA is all across the board. Let it be its similar look to the Landrover or the comfort of the Jeep is what one can expect with this new edition of SUV from TATA, everything has become a fact of discussion amongst the auto lovers. Here is what you should also know about TATA’s land rover derivative the latest and the deadliest model TATA Harrier;

Launch Date & Price of TATA Harrier:

The car can be seen on Indian roads in the early months of 2019 and Tata Harrie price range between 15L – 18L. However, If you are considering buying a it before anyone else in your vicinity can do, then you can also opt to pre-book it at the price of 30,000 Rs.


The TATA Harrier car can be considered an updated derivative of the Land Rover, which has been remained a craze since its launch. Bigger in size than that of a Jeep, the Harrier is one vehicle you can trust for long and tough routes with family. The interiors of Tata Harrier are one big reason because of which customers are getting attracted to it. The model comes with some advanced features, which definitely can steal the show completely. The first look is not still available in the market, but counting on resources, the riders will get feel of Sedan and comfort of an SUV, all at once.


TATA Harrier flaunts a similar engine as that of a Jeep (a 2.0 liter) diesel version entagged with is BSVI- compliant and can be well controlled electronically via geometry based turbocharger. This is one advantage for the buyers of this car, as Turbo Lag will go null with such a version of the engine. The company also promises to bring up a petrol version later in the year. The engine runs on a six-gear box which helps in managing speed up to six levels.

The ultimate Features of TATA Harrier:

  • A touchscreen based on the H5X concept is one thing which TATA Harrier People can flaunt anyday.
  • The TATA Harrier Interior is also expected to have a cooling compartment set next to the front arm set with dedicated slots created for the rear seat passengers addicted to smartphones.
  • The car will come with a manual as well as in an automatic model of TATA Harrier.
  • The ultimate combination of dual-tone colors gives this SUV a Sporty look which completes with a beige-black interior tone or a blue-gold royal tone.
  • One can also experience features such as auto-temp control, multiple driving modes and airbags at front and back.

The Final Words for TATA Harrier:

Tata cars had always been the favorite between all those, who enjoy driving a man of a car that means wherein the body and engine is solid and tough, but this version of the Car will be definitely one which you can flaunt exactly as you flaunt Sedan.


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