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Motorcycle Riding Made Easy

These motorycycle training tips can help you to pass the two part practical test that is needed to be given your full motorcycle licence. The practical part of the test must be completed up to two years after passing the theory part of the test, otherwise your theory test certificate you were awarded will expire. The test covers standards for driving and riding a bike, and during the test you should be able to show that you have the skill and knowledge to be a confident and safe rider, with no assistance from others.

Training Tips For the Practical Test

Before taking your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) it’s recommended to get some additional practice riding with an experienced instructor. Any extra training you take should cover the whole of the practical side of the test and you’ll find that expert and approved extra training is offered by many companies.

Additional Tips

Give yourself plenty of time and don’t feel rushed, as the course does not have to be finished in a 24 hour period. The test provider you go with may be able to give you a one on one training lesson if you feel that would be helpful to you, although the normal procedure is to have two students for one instructor.

When booking any lesson, always check that the training centre has protective trousers and jacket, and of course, you’ll need to have all the correct and appropriate gear when riding. As well as gloves and a jacket that are weatherproof, this includes a helmet and boots.

Expect to pay between £99 and £129 for your CBT course. And it will cost you around £175 per day for a day of practical training, taken after your CBT and theory tests. If you need a helmet, it’s included in that fee, along with gloves, insurance and petrol and of course, the use of a motorcycle. It’s a fee of £15 to take the DVSA Module one test, and £75 to take the Module two test. You should expect it to take a half day and cost £125 if you need a large bike, as you’ll need an instructor to take you; this fee applies whether taking the first or second module.

If you can’t wait to get started learning how to ride a motorcycle safely and with confidence, or have questions about getting your licence, call 020 7241 6363 to speak to an expert at London Motorcycle Training. Help is also available by email if you prefer, at

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