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Important tips for long distance motorcycle trips

A few years ago, most motorcycle riders would prefer using Royal Enfield’s for long distance trips. Nevertheless, this has changed over time considering the availability of powerful and efficient motorcycles. While the Royal Enfield is still common, there are numerous choices to choose from including Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, etc. irrespective of the changes, motorcycle enthusiast love touring with their motorcycle. With that in your mind, the following are essential points to consider when thinking of undergoing a long distance with your motorcycle. You can call it a motorcycle checklist for a perfect trip without stress.

Start Early and Finish Early

One basic rule to follow is starting early immediately the suns go up and finish your ride before it sets. It is a bad idea to ride in the night because motorcycles are difficult to been seen among trucks traveling in the night. Furthermore, the lack of visibility will make one get lost or get involved in an accident.

Plan your route

This tip goes in line with the previous tip. Ensure you play your day’s route because it will help you know the amount of fuel you will need. Additionally, if the routes you decide to take have a roadblock, you will be able to take a different route before the day gets dark.

Get your fuel tank filled

Some riders would prefer their fuel to reach reserve before refilling. This is not a good idea because your fuel may get empty in an area where there is no fuel station. A better practice is to fill your tank before hitting the road in the morning. It will give you additional time to stop and buy fuel while keeping your pace. Get your tank filled up; what if there are no petrol bunks on your route. Therefore, it is wise to fill your tank before heading down the road in the morning.

Take a break and hydrate yourself

Once a while, you should take a routine stop to hydrate yourself. Dehydration kills most bikers as it makes them lose concentration. It won’t cost you any time to stop and take a drink before hitting the road again.

Service your bike

Preparation is essential for any long trip. It comes in the form of getting the motorcycle serviced up. You may be tempted to do it on your own; however, get a professional technician to check every part. Shortchange any part that isn’t good by replacing it with a new part.

Get your lights set up

Ensure your light is in a good working manner whether it is the tail lamp, indicators, park light or headlight. Ensure everything is working perfectly. To be on the safer side, you may consider taking a spare along with you.

Use protective materials

Wearing protective gear is essential to stay safer. If you are given the option of deciding between using protective gears and the best motorcycle, take the protective gear instead. You have only one shot in life and it is best to live it cautiously.

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Rhode Bond educates her audience on significant tips if you are considering using your bike for long distance adventure.  Spoke of how crucial it will be to plan your route efficiently.

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