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Electric car boom

Today we can talk about a real trend in European markets: electric cars attract the attention of consumers, who increasingly opt for this type of car. Starting from 2020 the models that will make the “bang” The rise of electric cars in the reference market has staggering figures. Indeed a real trend is expected from next year, when parent companies such as Fiat and Volkswagen, among others, will offer electric models on the markets designed to make large numbers. Among other things, in view of this new craze crazed among motorists, the charging stations are increasing, which are slowly spreading to overcome or expand petrol stations. Not counting private top-ups, at home or in the company.

 The situation in Italy

In spite of (a little like it happens for everything) with the electric one Italy is converted very late. However today he is trying to catch up with other countries, which are far ahead. And so in an overall picture, in the first 9 months of 2019 12,115,927 cars were sold. In view of the crisis we had a 1.6% drop compared to 2018, due among other things to the poor aspect of diesel cars. The fact remains that the market structure has taken on a completely different form than when it happened before. It has therefore been recorded that diesel has lost 13% and now out of 100 machines sold only 36 have the classic diesel fuel supply.

Conversely, there has been an increase in the sale of petrol-driven cars, which are usually almost never affected by traffic restrictions. In total there is a 45% share, with an increase of 30%. It is therefore possible to speak of a real boom in which cars with “alternative supply” are the masters, which have now conquered 19% of the market.

Among these, the most significant increase concerns MTA Automotive Connectors  and pure electric power (+ 156%), which for the first time in 2019 reached 10 thousand, with Tesla Model 3 leading sales. Finally, the situation for plug-in hybrids (+ 140%) is not bad either. But, obviously these are numbers destined to increase visibly, precisely because, as already mentioned, next year is expected to flourish for the automotive sector.

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