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Cummins diesel engines for sale

Cummins engines can be designed to meet the needs of any driving condition or task. Ask your local Cummins sales team to explain the benefits of incorporating these features into your next Cummins powered semi-trailer.

Advantage Eaton fuller automated manual transmission Automated manual transmission (optional)

Cummins combines Eaton Fuller Advantage 10 automated manual transmissions with our ISX15 and ISX12 heavy-duty power units to create Smart Advantage ™ power. Smart Advantage ™ automatically optimizes gear changes based on grade angle, vehicle weight, engine torque, and throttle position, which can result in fuel savings of up to 2 to 7 % better than competitors and greatly reduce operator fatigue.

The combination of either the 2020 or later X15 Efficiency Series or 2021 X12 engine with EX ratings, Endurant HD transmission, and GPS look-ahead data gives you the next level of power train optimization. Future updates will continue to provide access to electronic engine and transmission features that improve driver performance and operational efficiency.

Previous power train features like Smart Coast and Predictive Cruise Control – qui required a single ADEPT TM calibration – we are enabled by default ratings EX.

Natural gas (optional)

Cummins ISX12 G is a factory version of our popular ISX12 heavy-duty truck engine that runs on clean, inexpensive natural gas. With a high power-to-weight ratio and clutch engagement torque of 700 lb-ft (949 N • m), the very powerful ISX {12 G engine gives you the versatility.

Connected Diagnostics (standard with telematics subscription)

Cummins Connected Diagnostics works with telematics service providers to identify and diagnose engine problems and recommend repairs. A detailed message is sent by telematics as soon as a problem is detected. Connected Diagnostics instantly analyzes this data and sends a report to the driver or fleet manager detailing recommended actions, priority fault codes, suspected root causes and more.

Cummins VGT ™ Turbocharger (Standard)

The Cummins Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) is widely recognized as the industry leader in performance. The VGT’s unique one-piece sliding deflector allows rapid low-rpm acceleration and maintains high high-rpm acceleration by varying the flow of exhaust gas through the turbine wheel. The precise airflow ensures excellent transient response, improved fuel economy and increased useful engine speed.

Cummins Turbo Technologies optimizes the use of pressure relief valves – devices that control how much and when excess exhaust gases are released – available in pneumatic or electronically controlled configurations. Cummins diesel engines for sale turbochargers provide an economical, reliable and durable solution for the low to medium power ranges. This advanced technology diverts “residual” exhaust gases to better adapt to most conditions.

Waste gate technology helps prevent turbo charging over speeds as well as engine over speeds. Expertly designed Cummins diesel engines for sale

 Turbo chargers employ the same advanced design techniques used in all areas of Cummins. Waste gate turbochargers improve fixed geometry units with an overall 3% increase in efficiency. They can also be optimized for various secondary treatment systems.

The Cummins diesel engine brand is the product of fixed geometry technology, supercharging turbochargers which channel all exhaust gases to the turbine to increase engine power. With over 60 years of experience in meeting the power needs of its customers, Cummins Turbo Technologies’ expertise in this technology has been proven successful and today produces some of the most reliable turbochargers, more efficient and best suited to the world.

Although the concept of fixed geometry has not changed for decades, Cummins Turbo Technologies has gradually improved its performance and reliability, using the same world-class engineering used throughout the entire Cummins range. Hol set fixed geometry turbochargers, as an economical supercharging solution, are distinguished by their technical performance, which directly translates into fuel economy for the engine. These fuel-saving advantages make fixed-geometry turbochargers a key solution for customers as emissions regulations are increasingly stringent.

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