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Chambered Style Muffler vs. Straight Through Muffler

You may not realize that your truck or car’s muffler can make a difference with its performance. Custom builder exhaust parts can be a great way to improve your vehicle. There are two distinct muffler styles:

  • The chambered muffler
  • The straight through muffler

If you are like most vehicle owners, you do not know what the difference is or which is better. This simple guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can choose the muffler that is right for you.

Chambered Style Muffler

Inside a chambered style muffler, there are several chambers divided by interior walls. It is easy to understand why this style has the name it does. The exhaust enters the muffler and is redirected around these walls. This process reduces the exhaust sound of the vehicle by containing and reflecting the sound waves. It is safe to say that this is the most common and traditional muffler style.

Straight Through Muffler

Straight through mufflers function slightly differently than chambered mufflers. Instead of several internal chambers, the straight through muffler is essentially a single, straight pipe. This pipe has holes throughout it and is surrounded by a sound absorbing material. The material is commonly fiberglass. As the exhaust passes through this style of muffler, a portion of the sound leaves the pipe and is absorbed by the surrounding material.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The difference between these two mufflers is easy to understand because each is built to prioritize a particular benefit. Chambered mufflers do a better job reducing the exhaust noise, but straight through mufflers have less flow resistance, which improves the vehicle’s horsepower. The straight through muffler is also more compact. If you care more about a quiet ride, you should probably choose a chambered muffler. However, if you want to squeeze every horsepower out of your vehicle as you can, the straight through muffler is probably for you. Whichever appeals to you, consider installing a custom exhaust system to improve your ride.

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