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Brake discs

Brake discs are an important part of the vehicle braking system. Since these components ensure car safety, it is crucial to pay special attention to their condition and maintain them properly.

What are the most common types of brake discs?

The most widely-spread types of brake discs are the following:

  • Flat discs
  • Slotted or grooved discs
  • Drilled discs
  • Slotted and drilled discs
  • Vented discs
  • Dimpled discs
  • Waved edge discs

What are the possible problems, their causes and ways to prevent them?
Overheating. It can be caused by brake pads rubbing against brake discs due to seized brake pads, stuck calliper piston or driving with the engaged brake pedal. Overheating leads to low breaking performance. Deformed brake discs make squealing sounds and the vehicle starts wobbling and juddering while deaccelerating. In case the components are severely damaged, they may even begin to peel off. To avoid such problems, you should always make sure that all components move freely and there is no brake drag.

Corrosion. Possible causes for this condition include exposure to road salt, moisture, etc., long periods of downtime, especially, with the parking brake applied, stuck or not completely retracted calliper piston. Rust spots lead to overheating, judder, squeaking, low braking power and vibration. To protect your brake discs from corrosion, never leave your car parked outdoors for a long time. If long-time downtime still occurs, you should apply the brakes smoothly and carefully to remove rust spots.

Cracks around mounting holes. Cracked area around wheel bolt holes is usually a consequence of wheel nuts and bolts being overtightened or tightened in incorrect order, misalignment between the wheel hub and the brake disc. Due to that, brake disc can start shaking right after the mounting or some time later. If the component is subjected to significant loads, it can deform and crack. You should always follow the manufacturers recommendations concerning the tightening torques and sequences so as not to damage the discs. It is necessary to ensure plane-parallel alignment between the hub and the component.

Grooved surface. Foreign objects trapped between the coupling components are highly likely to be the culprit. Brake discs made of soft materials and poor-quality components are at a higher risk. Grooves reduce the braking power and lead to unpleasant squealing noise while deaccelerating. You can easily avoid this problem by cleaning the discs and pads thoroughly during installation, using high-quality components and replacing brake pads along with discs.

There are a lot of companies producing these car parts. Brembo, Bosch, Delphi, TRW, JURID are some of them.

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