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5 ways to fix your wheel problems

A sudden impact against road curbs raised manholes, and potholes can be detrimental for the tire rims of your car. Most probably, they will bend and you ought to look for ways to fix the wheels. You can choose to repair the problem yourself or consult a professional. Nevertheless, for your convenience, we introduce you to five ways of fixing the issues. These tips will be useful for you, so check them out.

Remove the tire by jacking it up

Primarily, you have to inspect the problem minutely. You cannot fix a bent wheel until you remove the tire. Thus, jack up the car and separate the rim from the tire. Heating is one of the ways to fix the aforesaid problem. As you can understand, it can destroy or wear out the rubber tires, if the rim is not detached. Click here, if you require professional help in this aspect.

Hammering the bent region after heating

You will need a propane blow torch for this. Exercise utmost caution as you heat the bent zone of the tire. The heating procedure should continue for at least three minutes. Consequently, take a wooden bar and place it on the rim. Then start hammering it against the curved lip. Pay attention, as the hammer blow should not target the hot rim directly. These blows can lead the rim to crack. The best thing would be using a wooden block. It will spread the impact on the wheel and in-process diminishes the impact. You must carry on hammering till you notice the damaged part gets back into the previous shape.

Still, there is a fair chance of the rims to crack. In most cases, inexperienced hands would lead to cracks developing in the rims. Chances are, even if the rim remains untouched and does not crack, excessive heats will soften the wheel and the wheel will remain vulnerable to cracks in the future.

Check for the roundness

A wheel dial indicator is mandatory for such works. It will reveal if the bend correction was accurate. It is easy to use this tool. Simply mount the wheel on the car and spin it. The dial indicator will note the variations including the sideway turns with the fixed rims. If you find the tool is indicating variations, you have to repeat the hammering procedure all over again. If you have never done this before, you are better off asking for professional help.

Hydraulic assistance technologies

The hydraulic assistance technique involves placing the rim on a rack. Afterward, using a dial gauge will identify the variations on the roundness of the rim. Here again, heating is necessary following by ramming the rack. The procedure is best done by a professional who will straighten the bent by pressing inwards and outwards. Wait! Do not confuse it with the hammering technique, as its way of operation is different.  However, this technique is not widespread and only selective wheel dealers use it so far.

Cold rolling

The above-mentioned procedures require some skills. If you opt for these two methods, you must learn the proper way to do it. To describe the process elaborately, you will need to press cold rollers and powered rollers against the wheel. Meanwhile, the wheel should be spinning on a lathe. Cold rolling can be more convenient as it does not require heating the rim.

Seek professional help

Both the extent and type of wheel damage can vary.  Therefore, you can expect the services of skillful technicians who can show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Presently, there are abundant service providers, who are only a call away. They will reach your preferable address and commence the repairing job. If the damage is serious, then you must take your car to a workshop. If needed, a wheel replacement can also be in contention.

Nevertheless, replacing the wheel should be the last option. Repairing it either yourself or with professional help is a much better option. As a car owner, it pays to search for the best service providers to avoid the intricacies of fixing the wheel damages. Not only will the repair work finish quickly, but it will also save your hard-earned cash.

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