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What to Know About New Car Technology

With the years moving more into the future, cars are becoming the next big thing because of fast growing technology. Who hasn’t heard about the latest tech in cars now on the market? It involves everything from cameras, lane alarms, screens big as an iPad and more. If you are looking around, here are some things to consider with the new tech in cars. 

Automated Driving 

Yes automation is coming, and we will soon be relived from sitting from behind the wheel. Some auto dealers have already set this in motion in small areas and communities. This also goes for food delivery businesses. Many major brands are testing self-automated cars to customers looking to get a pizza delivered. Automated cars are supposed to be then the thing of the future and we might as well brace ourselves because more is to come. These can be great if you are handicapped or elderly and need the assistance. It’s a tech option that we should all keep our eyes on. You can always find a Nissan dealership MD


New car makers are installing high tech cameras that can possibly save your life. These new safety features will let you know when a car or you creep into someone else’s lane. You can also get alert sounds if your tire pressure is low. This is a great safety feature because it can prevent a tragic accident. Emergency stop assistance features are now high-tech. Auto dealers now have someone on hand to connect you with emergency services as your car is malfunctioning. No more are the days where we will have to call ourselves if we are unable to do so. Car designers are not just putting these safety features in luxury cars either. Basic cars on the market have some kind of camera in the back trunk to guide you out of the grocery parking lot. 


A car seat can be everything especially if you are driving long distances. The seats come with heated options, neck pillows expanding and can be custom made to your body. A car should be comfortable to begin with since we spend half of our time in them if not more. There are also seats for long legged individuals who have always had problems sitting in a car seat for a long period of time. Further, if we have back problems, car makers are putting in massage options for our backs and neck. Comfort should be on the top list of your choices when looking at the new tech in the upcoming cars entering the market. Most consumers are demanding more and getting their demands answered. Soon people will not only hop in the car and take a nap to their next location without driving, they’ll be able to do it in a seat the gets a kink out of their back. After all, our bodies are the ones that suffer the long term damage while sitting in seats for a long time and not being supported.

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