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The Warning Signs When Buying Used Cars From Auto Dealers

Not everyone can purchase the shiniest new car off a lot. That’s why there are thousands of used cars we can choose from that work just as good as a new one. That said, there are some things you should be aware of when driving that used car off the lot. We all can agree that not all cars are the same and no matter where we get them they are bound to have problems. Here are some big warning signs to take in consideration when buying a used car from an auto dealer. 

Are you at a Bad Dealership? 

Most of us stroll on to any lot and don’t see too much that looks out of place. However, there are some things that we miss and don’t see initially when thinking about getting a car. As for used cars, some dealers could have a terrible reputation and you might not even know it. Customers are often pressured by overbearing sales tactics from shady salespeople wearing plaid coats. The financing is often very high risk and the interest rates are out of this world. This alone can mean you might be at a bad dealership that has a horrible reputation of defrauding or misleading customers. You can find used cars murrieta ca


It really all comes down to the quality of the inventory that is on the lot. Certainly, if you are looking at the cars and they are falling apart, there is a problem. We all want a cheap car, but not so cheap that it’s already breaking down in the parking lot. This is the best sign to consider another place. 

Own Shops 

It’s not uncommon to find shops at used car dealerships. The problem comes in when the mechanics are not really up to par nor have the right credentials to work on any car. You want to make sure they have the right certifications because it can cost you in the end. Bringing in a European car for fixing might not be the best idea. 


Most used car lots can’t offer any kind of new style warranty to ensure all coverage. Most dealers in states have to offer at least 30-day warranties. It does come down to how the used car dealer offers the warranty to you. Their tone and behavior can say a lot about them if they are truly on your side when telling you about the warranty and whether it is trustworthy. You probably will be offered a third party warranty for your car, which is a very bad idea to accept. With the dealer getting some of the money from a warranty, an extended warranty will not help you at all. 

Buying any car can be stressful. Your goal is to make sure, especially buying a used car, that the auto dealer has a good reputation. Take the time to do the research so you don’t get a lemon of a car. Be aware of pushy sales tactics that try to get you wrapped up in warranties that are not in your best interest.


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