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How Often Should You Check Your Motorbike is in Good Condition?

If you just acquired a motorcycle, you will be careful to have it well maintained and ensure it is in excellent condition. Getting the bike serviced is one of the vital elements of having the bike in good working condition. Frequent motorcycle service will allow you to identify any likely problem, ensure you deal with it before it is too severe and make sure that you have the correct motorcycle parts in preparation.

There is no definite or absolute time to check your motorbike as it depends on the following factors:

Type of motorcycle

Motorcycle checking and servicing vary from one bike to another. As you know, there are varied models of motorbikes in the market, and they differ just like the different types of cars we have around. For example, a Tourer has a design for efficiency and longevity, while a sports cycle has a built for its speed power. Ultimately, their requirements for checking to ensure good condition will vary.

Motorcycle use

The frequency of motor servicing is also dependent on you the rider. You may take your two-wheel drive for a ride over the summer weekends, or you may practically rely on it day-in-day-out, to work and from work. How frequent you use it and the distance you cover will impact on when you should have it checked by a mechanic to ensure it is still in good working condition.

User manual

In the manual, the manufacturer provides guidelines on when your bike needs service. You need to strictly follow the recommendations of servicing and maintenance intervals given by the manual especially in the first year. Each motorcycle will differ depending on its brand. Typically, popular brands made by the Japanese, like Honda, need servicing after an average of a thousand kilometres of use. Other motorbikes like BMW and Harley and follow suit, with subsequent servicing occurring after an average of five thousand to seven thousand kilometres of coverage.

Motorcycle parts

As a motorcycle owner, you should be familiar with your bike components. Get a detailed knowledge of the motorcycle parts for your specific vehicle and be prepared. You need motorcycle parts familiarity and knowledge involve the functioning of parts, choice of the right parts depending on the model of your bike, rider’s habits, and maintenance of the parts. Regular servicing of your cycle is essential in saving money, your safety and extension of the lifespan of certain motorcycle parts. A jacket and a helmet provides protection when you fall, but well maintained; superior quality parts is a matter of life and death. A single malfunction is all it takes to have a fatal accident.

Motorcycle environment

The environment you are in, e.g., by the desert vs. ocean also determines how often you should take your bike for a check. The desert has rough and rugged terrain, while on the other hand, the beach has a soft and smooth ground. Bike usage in the desert surroundings will require frequent checks and services in comparison to a bike user living by the seaside.

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