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Common Features We Find in Every Mazda Car

When we think about cars, we also think about brands. When we think about brands, we have a totality of picture about that brand name that got engraved in our minds from years of experiencing the products they release. Mazda as one such brand has secured a unique entity in the global market of automobiles, with its innovative ways of doing things. It has paved the path for many other brands of building something that will change the way we look at transportation and vehicles.

So what is it that we find common in every Mazda Car? When asked an experienced team leader at the Phoenix Mazda gave us the answers that can even be considered as some useful insights that are worth sharing.

Soul of Motion

Mazda never looks at a car to be a mass of metal that has the ability to reach you destinations. For Mazda a car is much more to that. It has a life of its own, and hence it is almost like a living being that should have a soul of its own.

KODO Design

To invoke a soul in the design of its vehicle Mazda used the techniques of clay modeling that keeps the process of designing it in real shapes, more preferably than using a virtual reality platform through computers. The designers keep perfecting the design till it takes a shape that is able to bring in the viewer an intense urge to sit inside and drive it.

Innovative Technologies

Mazda is not a brand that takes car manufacturing as a sole act of business. As a brand it has shown its sense of responsibility towards the society by reducing the hazards of transportation with the help of innovative technologies. This implementation of technologies can be witnessed in every aspect of Mazda car.

SkyActiv Engine

For better performance and fuel efficiency, Mazda has innovated SkyActiv Technology that has framed an engine that combines the best qualities of both gasoline and diesel engines. The SkyActiv engines are capable of using minimum amount of fuel to raise the maximum amount of horsepower that is again tamed down by superb maneuvering capabilities.


The same mindset inspired the Mazda brand to work more on safety issues of transportation. To reduce the probabilities of road accidents to almost nil, Mazda has invented the i-Activsense technology that makes the best use of detecting machines like radars, sensors and cameras. With the data collected and interpreted by these input devices, the i-Activsense enables the automated functionalities like emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane departure alerts to first alert the driver with the upcoming troubles, and then take the necessary action of its own on behalf of the driver, in case he fails to respond in time.

The Bottom Line

The experts at the Phoenix Mazda dealership were proud to explain that there is many more unsaid goodness you will find in every Mazda car. One of those is the level of comfort, the other is convenience that makes you feel at home instantaneously while pampering you throughout the journey and make you smile.

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